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The higher education system in India is broken.
Avalon Meta is a full digital replacement for the existing system.


Live and scheduled classes with syllabus and content that rivals the best colleges across the world. Practical and up to date, each of these digital skills make you highly employable and relevant to the real world. Taught by entertaining experts and teachers who make learning fun again!

Topics covered include:

Alumni network

The main attractant of premier institutions like Ivy League is their alumni network. The Avalon Army - a non-geographically bound community, is a game changer in this regard.

Once you gain access into it, you can tap into various opportunities, with access to jobs, intros and funding available at your fingertips.

College seniors & mentorships

Every learner deserves a mentor who can not only lead the way and help out when faced with hard situations.

Avalon Meta allows every single learner to be matched with a personal mentor. With progression, a learner can become a mentor too, restarting the virtuous cycle.

Fests, competitions, Battlecups

The most fun parts of college are the interactive fests, where students compete with each other with more intent than any exam.

Avalon Meta has incorporated the concept of fests and Battlecups, where the best students can compete online on a variety of educational tasks. Virtuals exams are now open book, and attempted in teams.

Find your crew and get competing!

Bulletin board and discussions

Bulletin boards are a personalized social feed for expert insights, experiences, opportunities, referrals, networking and more.

The key to a successful online learning community is an environment rich with experienced Alumni and students helping each other out.

Prepare to experience a community like no other.

A new activity based GPA system AND central placement network

Technology has evolved. 

Resumes? Not so much. 

AvalonMeta introduces an all new activity-based GPA system that grades you depending on your activity on the platform. Learn, share your knowledge on the platform and get rewarded with Meta points that will increase your likelihood of landing a job or a gig project. Say goodbye to old boring resumes. Show the world what you’ve got!


AvalonMeta features an array of multiplayer custom games (from mock Facebook ad consoles to Stock market simulators) that will help you refine your skills with others while keeping it fun!

Offline events

All our Battlecups end in a year-end, India-wide conference where the leaderboard competes in a variety of competitions live for a grand prize.

A gala of a fest with most of our alumni network all in one place! With top CEOs, industry leaders, VCs and press under one roof, the only goal is to have fun and get ahead!


Avalon Meta is not just a gamified educational platform, it takes it one notch higher.

Earn digital drops, with tiers ranging from common to ultra-rare after every episode, valuable comment, thread or Battlecup victory.

Trade with others or sell your items on the trading market for real money!


Metapass is a premium offering that lets anyone be a part of Avalon Meta with higher stakes.

From better item drops, custom skins, unlimited mentorships and access to the trading store where you can use your hard earned inventory to make real money in a Blockchain based auction market!

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